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BL SPARTAN GLOBAL engages in no marketing nor social media. We are  the world’s greatest holding company of Trade Technology Intellectual Property you will have never heard of.

BL SPARTAN is a Caribbean-based math and technology company that provide Global Trade Signaling with a spectrum of strategies. We keep it simple with risk management as the highest priority in a layered portfolio.

BL SPARTAN delivers its innovative Trade Technology only to highly qualified accredited investors.

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Who We Are

BL SPARTAN CARIBE (PR) INC. is a Global Trade Consultation Firm whose primary assets are Technology that can accurately determine directional trade and make markets in the most liquid currencies, crypto-currencies, commodities, derivatives, and market-based equity instruments (including ETFs) worldwide. The core competence of the Firm’s Technology is a unique ability to manage risk in a continuous highly transactional environment and sense fine grain momentum to beat larger, less nimble participants to the market’s continuous mispricings. Energy mechanics are the ultimate arbiter of security price movement. Deep understanding of these energy dynamics and clean systemic implementation allows for repeatable financial success without fear.


Pictured left to right: Robert Bystrowski and Justin Le Blanc.

JUSTIN B. LE BLANC is a founding member of BL SPARTAN CARIBE (PR) INC. and holds the title of Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of the global holding company. Mr. Le Blanc holds 25-years plus experience in the global securities markets and is the primary visionary of BL SPARTAN’s visual and automated trade signaling systems.

Underpinning his system building and trading expertise, Mr. Le Blanc has held numerous positions directly on the Exchange floor, from clerk to full member, as well as in the brokerage business, in addition to being an independent proprietary trader. Mr. Le Blanc was selected to become a member of the Pacific Stock Exchange (now NYSE) and obtained his membership, June 1999, becoming one of the youngest members to that point. Mr. Le Blanc started out his career in finance as a broker’s assistant and trainee in July 1997 at Salomon Smith Barney in Palo Alto, CA, USA.

Prior to his career in finance, Mr. Le Blanc was a soccer player in the Olympic Development system and traveled all over the world playing the game he loved and dedicated his early life to. Mr. Le Blanc comes from a family of pedigreed soccer stand-outs; his brother, Jacob Le Blanc, played professionally in the U.S. with tries in Europe and on the Youth U.S. Olympic Team and his sister, Charmaine Le Blanc, was a Youth U.S. Olympic Team and Stanford University Women’s Soccer Team Captain.

Mr. Le Blanc holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Stanford University (conferred 1998) and is a graduate of Jesuit High School, Carmichael, CA, USA receiving Co-Valedictorian of the Class of 1994. He scored 5 on the Calculus AP AB exam just out of 8th grade and was a Math Prodigy.

ROBERT P. BYSTROWSKI is a founding member of BL SPARTAN CARIBE (PR) INC. and holds the title of President as well as Chairman of the Board of the global holding Act 60 (Formerly Act 20) company. Mr. Bystrowski is a 25-year plus veteran of the equity, future, option, and currency markets and is a serial entrepreneur.

His father, Paul, a USC MBA specializing in mergers and acquisitions, with a track record of buying and selling insurance companies before a successful exit with HUB International, played a pivotal role in shaping Robert's business acumen and deal-making prowess. Paul emphasized the importance of strategic acquisitions and calculated risk analytics in the business world, often emphasizing that "no risk, no large reward."

In addition to his role in co-founding BL SPARTAN, Robert has held key positions, including that of Managing Director for the Kaizen Foundation. He is also the founder behind Strong Arm Baseball, Inc., a training program that has made a significant impact by assisting 151+ young athletes in securing college baseball scholarships in the United States. Furthermore, he co-founded StrikeRite LLC, known for its patented self-coaching soccer skill training system available in 19 countries. Robert additionally serves as an independent proprietary trader, managing his Family Office.

Before venturing into finance and entrepreneurship, Robert enjoyed a career as a professional baseball player. He was drafted in the 7th Round by the Houston Astros and had the privilege of representing the San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, and Oakland A's organizations during his eight-year Minor League career, excelling both as a center fielder/hitter and an All-Star Pitcher.

Robert's educational background includes attending Cal State Hayward, where he focused on International Business & Finance, although he left early to pursue independent trading and market making. He is also an Honors graduate of Jesuit High School, Carmichael, CA, USA, Class of 1995.

Robert's unwavering dedication to establishing the BL SPARTAN Global Brand in signal processing and international banking transactions led him to relocate his family to Puerto Rico in 2019. He recognized Puerto Rico and the Caribbean as the world's premier hub for business and investment opportunities and the future global centre for world banking and FX transaction processing in the coming new monetary system.

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The Future of Banking

BL Spartan_Operative Structure Master Fu

Delivering the New Technology Bank Now!

With BL SPARTAN proprietary technology, we enable our clients to do the most profitable lines in banking, and in some cases, to do bank-like functions themselves, enabling The New Technology Bank. Our proprietary strategies make it all possible putting us and our clients ahead of all competitors.


BL SPARTAN is a worldwide leader for safe and affordable FX and cryptocurrency transaction technology.  

At BL SPARTAN we are expanding our suite of product offerings while maintaining our leadership in secure and budget-friendly FX and cryptocurrency transaction technology.

The True Promise of Bitcoin with its mammoth investment potential ~13 years later is still undelivered and has little chance of being delivered by any of the current Incumbents. If they could deliver, they would have by now.

The volatility profile of Bitcoin is unsuitable as a Synthetic Hegemonic Currency.

It is time for a focused team with extreme pedigree and demonstrated high qualification to step in and advantage the nexus on perfect timing to deliver an effective digital currency for all the people – The Aguadilla Digital Project has arrived.


Generational Investment Opportunities happen every 18 months for BL SPARTAN.

Special Opportunity Funds are organized to provide a formal structure to capture these opportunities in the Most Efficient and highly Tax-Advantaged Manner.

The Opportunity Funds are then shared with VIP Private Individual and Institutional Clients.

The Funds are designed to be High Alpha events with asymmetric Low Risk profile that protect clients behind our Shield of unique markets Fore-Knowledge.


The Grand Aguadilla Luxury Hotel and Casino features only the finest in luxury accommodations.
A 300 room facility, spa, and a 4-star Michelin restaurant. 

This facility will have the ability to host pay-per-view sporting events, conventions, and a full PGA golf course.

Other features will include a 24/7 global sportsbook.


The Operandi Secure Transaction coin provides a comprehensive payment gateway that sets a new standard in payment transactions.

Our comprehensive payment gateway provides a new payment processing solution that consolidates touchpoints, services both large & small tickets, provides for 24/7 global reliability and dramatically reduces costs. 

BL SPARTAN SWAN Opportunity Fund Limited Partnership. 


A specialized opportunity fund offered to sophisticated qualified purchaser clients utilizing a diverse range of proprietary trading strategies.


A BL SPARTAN GLOBAL (BVI) LTD.. and Opus Dios Mining and Exploration (BVI) LTD. joint venture is a multi-faceted product that combine both digital and physical assets.

This unique frontier project is a first step toward solving electronic assets incipient inflation and re-hypothecation while being low cost, available, and flexible to adjust to ever-changing markets conditions. 

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BL SPARTAN's primary offices are located in San Juan, Puerto Rico (an unincorporated Territory of The United States of America) and Tortola, The British Virgin Islands (a British Overseas Territory).

BL SPARTAN is a registered ACT 20 Company and operates under Puerto Rico Certificate of Registry, BL SPARTAN CARIBE (PR) INC., Register Number 413245 and in The British Virgin Islands under BVI Certificate of Incorporation (Section 7), BL SPARTAN GLOBAL (BVI) LTD., BVI Company Number 1998464.

53 Calle Las Palmeras, Suite 601

Caribe Plaza Building

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

Telephone: 787.966.7734

Fax: 787.903.5565

Thank you for your interest!

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